singapore trip ! ^^
Its 5 AM in the morning .. cant sleep, really..
so i decided to write my second part of singapore trip

so the trip began on June 23th, till 27th

on monday , 25th .. um.. remembering, what i did on that day
aha !
me, my mom and sis went to Bugis!

and on the way to MRT station, we bought some Etude House stocks, and met an ELF who is the cashier, she ask me if im an Shawol, but i said im super junior ELF.. , and she looked so happy and let us took the bonus as many as we want.. but i've just took a few.. little regret it

then we went to Bugis Junction, if the name is not wrong, ate lunch, and headed to Bugis street.. but before that, we took a look of some street snack, i forgot the name, i ate yoghurt ice cream and soybean cake..if the name were not wrong (again)

and then it been the first time we took many hours to explored Bugis Street.. i got one cloth, a pair of shoes, and two bag ..

anddd then the 26th of June !
we went to Vivo Cityy.. ah! before we gone, we ate sushiiiiiii at Sakae Sushi .. ate really much till my stomach is going to explode..

and after that breakfast-including-lunch, we went to Vivo City.. i was really excited, wanted to go to Page One bookstore, without knowing that store is already closed .. i was searching for some art/design books.. .. and finnally i just looked around Vivo City, found Twinkle album by TTS.. but end up with didn't buy it.. ..glad i could save my money..
so i've only bought some sweets and chocolates there.. and found this Nutella Go for 3 sgd.. it really expensive coz actually it imported from Germany..

the taste is not really different with the ussual Nutella, so it not as delicious as 9gag users said

and June 27th is coming.. i went to the airport, got a pair of charles and keith shoes on duty free shop, then back to Jakarta !..
and... trapped on some traffic jam, took 3hours till i could lay in my bed..
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1st Anniversary

before i post the continue of the last post.. i want to share my today

its my first anniversary with my lovely boyfriend
i spent the noon with drew the rest of my drawing project.. (the drawing is picture below)
with my superspeed it done one hour faster than i expected
the result is also not bad

and i took a bath, put some make up on my face, and met my boyfriend !
we went to Rumah Air in BNR, the first plan was Ancol but the condition was not right so we took the second plan..
we ate the same menu, grilled chicken and coconut fresh in its 'batok'
Rumah Air's hospitality is quite bad because we told the waitress three times to take some soy sauce for us but till the end the soy sauce didn't come.. i felt want to kick their face that time..

and then we home..
i got a rose and lovely touching handmade video from him, and i gave him a drawing by me

annddd... the day is closed with... a conflict !!! again!!
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Singapore Trip !

SooOOOooo~ at June 23th to 27th i went to Singapore..although i've gone to singapore several times, it never been a bored trip XD

so i went at 23th in the evening.. around 4PM.. by Lion Air (ussually i used Sriwijaya Air), i was a little worry because Lion Air had several air crash before..
andd finnally i flied up.. the take off was smooth.. but the landing was a bit scary, it touch the ground too fast, so the plane shaked a little

and~ finnaly me and my family arrived safely.. after some wash i decided to walk around orchard.. i walk from Lucky Plaza to Somerset, have a little drink at the coffe shop, window shopping, and then back to Lucky Plaza..

The second day ! i went up to meet my friend who have been studying in Singapore for two years..
We met on Plaza Singapore, planned to watch I AM, SM's documentary movie

Before the movie, we spent some times to ate at a Japanese Resto, and window shopping (again

So we watched the movie, we got the first row seating , but it was okay because the movie was great ! Although the cost was really.. expensive

by the way after we watched the movie, there was some people yelled while a kpop song is being we took a look.. and guess what, there was a kpop battle dance XD
so hilarious and cool

After then we went to Somerset, took some looks of Flea Market, and i got a wallet and a cute necklace XD

umm okay..the necklace is yellower now ..dont have idea why it turned yellow..

and.... that is 23th and 24th June story..
heading to 25, 26, 27 diary on the next post!
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Long time no post ^^
it has been a few years since the last time i posted to the blog.. now im in my second year in university.. yeay!
i was taking visual communication design as my major.. viscomm design is graphic design.. in my first year.. i used to draw a lot.. and i love it.. i felt realistic drawing is the one which i could do the best

now im in my three months holiday.. and in the beginning of the holidays i didnt have any things to do.. but now i have the things i need to do.. i opened an online shop of realistic portrait drawing.. people who want to be drew asked me to do it ^^

picture below is my progress when drew Yoona-onnie

okay lets meet on the next post ^o^
see ya bye bye annyeonghaseo
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